Alphen Asset Management

Alphen is a fully-licensed, independent Investment Advisory and Asset Management Company based in Zurich, Switzerland.
Boasting a team of highly skilled and experienced Swiss bankers, financial analysts and multi-disciplinary professionals, Alphen offers an integrated, client-focused approach to the management and protection of global financial assets.

Alphen evaluates the needs of every client on a bespoke basis. Considerations range from jurisdictional, domiciliary and tax residence on the one hand, to specific private and commercial objectives on the other. Risk is analysed and managed through every stage, from initial consultation to the subsequent investment and structuring advice, and ongoing active portfolio management.

Alphen’s multi-national team, comprising experts in an impressively diverse range of competencies, deliver the optimum in class levels of service and execution, suitable for High Net Worth Individuals as well as highly diverse family portfolio scenarios.

Independent and Personal

Financial Analysis, Advice & Portfolio Management


Independent and Personal

Alphen was founded on the concept of providing a totally independent investment advisory and wealth management service to clients.

We remain impartial by any preference to or influence from major institutions, yet still benefit from an international network of independent boutique-style partners.

Alphen does not sell products, but rather offers independent in-house advice on the management, preservation and enhancement of your assets. It is first and foremost in the relationship business, fostering and cementing long term, multi-generational, meaningful and in-depth relationships with individual clients and families. Alphen’s hallmark is its human, personalized and individually-tailored approach to, and involvement with, each of our clients.